• Average Kiddush for Shabbat is 150 nis

  • Third Meal is 250 nis (the 3rd meal is served to about 40 people some of whom depend upon it  as a staple part of their Shabbat food). Extensions can be made to both for special occasions.

  • The regular kiddush includes; drinks (juice ,soft and water) ,grape juice, cake, crackers, potato chips, pretzels, humus, matbucha sauce, olives, apple, cucumber, plastic and paper accessories. 

  • An extended Kiddush can include Kuggle -250nis, Fresh  fruit assortments-100nis, Herring -85nis, Wine-depends on your choice.

  • You can contact Shimon Goldwasser with your decision. 

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  • Contact Shimon directly at 0528706985 or CHAT with us now with 'Kol Rina - Chat With Us Here' below.

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